Classic Cars


Foreign car repair & service for older model and classic European cars

Growing up in Tucson, I started working on cars as a teen-ager, and European Service grew out of my appreciation for European automotive engineering, craftsmanship and styling. I’d find a 60’s Volvo wagon, an old abandoned Benz, or a vintage Jaguar, take it apart, research and source replacement parts, and restore it to good, working condition.¬†Mercedes-Benz is my personal favorite.

But I liked seeing these great cars fully restored to their hey-day. I cruised salvage yards, yard sales, and want ads for mahogany steering wheels and dashboards, clocks and chronometers, gear shifts, seats and fabrics.

It helped that my Dad was an upholsterer and hung onto old remnants. I learned the value of that in searching for hoods, doors, windshields, mirrors, headlights, grills, fenders and bumpers. Once cleaned up or hammered out, re-chromed or re-painted, “junk” destined for salvage looked good as new.

A few jobs left something to be desired. For instance, sanding down that mahogany steering wheel with an emery board to prep it for refinishing. But the devil’s in the details, as they say, and the reward was attaching the medallion or hood ornament, provided I was lucky enough to find it, and returning a beautiful car to its former glory.

For honest, knowledgeable advice, a source for vintage parts and accessories, and quality service and repair of your older model or classic European car, give me a call at 520-321-1640.

Thanks for coming –

Keith Brooks, Owner